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'A Lot of Unpleasant Bangs'

is the title of a book I have written about my Father's life in North Africa and PoW Camps during the Second World War.

It was eighty years ago this year that 2/Lt Ernest Buckler sailed with his Royal Artillery regiment to join the Eighth Army in Egypt. He spent much of the following six months crossing the deserts of Egypt and Libya with 44 Battery, 61st Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, and, when necessary, engaging General Erwin Rommel's Axis forces.

Ernest was captured at the end of June 1942 and spent the rest of the war in PoW camps in Italy and Germany.

I have been able to draw on more than two hundred letters my Father wrote home during these years; on his Reminiscences, recorded shortly before his death; and on other material he brought back at the end of the war.

I am the sole supplier of copies of the book which are free of any charge - although a donation to the London Academy of Excellence, Tottenham, would be appreciated if you enjoy the read. If you are interested, please use the Contact button above to ask me for a copy.

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