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Tales From My Family Tree

Guy Buckler's Family History Blog

Tales From My Family Tree is one of the fruits of my research into the bloodlines of my parents, Cynthia and Ernest Buckler. On their marriage certificate my mother's maiden name is recorded as 'Graygoose', but at the start of the last century the family began to use the name 'Gray'. My father's surname also underwent a change - during the first half of the nineteenth century when 'Bugler' became 'Buckler'.​

I have had hours of fun tracing these lines back through the twentieth and nineteenth centuries when many of my ancestors could be found scattered around London. Once it became glaringly and disappointingly obvious that my family tree had its roots in neither royalty nor the aristocracy, I turned my mind to those ancestors and their personal stories - to the Graygooses, Hortons, Swyers and Meteyards; to the Bucklers, Hassells, Lovells and Buglers. I soon discovered that the tree's branches offer some rich pickings - and these I'm delighted to serve up here for my extended family and others to enjoy.

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Guy Buckler

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