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Tales From My Family Tree

Guy Buckler's Family History Blog

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(THE GRAYGOOSE LINE) Soon after I began digging for information about my great great grandfather, William Charles Graygoose, I came...

The Murder of Samuel Warr Buckler

(THE BUCKLER LINE) On Friday 28th May 1880, an open hearse carrying a black coffin, draped in a velvet pall, pulled into Highgate...

'A Lot of Unpleasant Bangs'

is the title of a book I have written about my Father's life in North Africa and PoW Camps during the Second World War. It was eighty...

A Domestic Servant's Sad Story

(THE GRAYGOOSE LINE) By the time he was 30 years old, William Charles Graygoose, my great great grandfather, had built up what appears to...

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